Drive a data-driven transformation within your government agency.

Harness the power of innovative emotional intelligence and psychological safety assessments, AI, training, and coaching to ignite leadership, foster innovation, and drive lasting change.

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Emotional intelligence in government

Why Partner Together

Here are some of the ways our government clients engage us

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Leadership Development

Data Driven Culture Transformation

Talent Development, Engagement and Retention

Innovation and Creativity

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and belonging (DEIB)

Well-being in the workplace

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Eric A.

Utah National Guard

“This combination of a self-assessment and workshop enabled our organization to break through barriers at an amazing speed and identified areas of strength and weakness. This was an excellent course with amazing instruction that retails more through ninety days’ worth of follow-up with peer mentors.”

Angie B.

Oregon Metro

“Great program for those who want to be more aware of their own behaviors and how to become a better manager of people using emotional intelligence..”

Ellen S.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

“Best virtual course I’ve seen.”

Tristin D.

Reynolds School District

“I learned so many strategies that are personal to me and my situation. I feel like I know exactly what to do to improve, without overwhelming myself or losing motivation.”

Jeffrey C.

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

“This course is a condensed, highly focused leadership assessment that provides guidance to help you identify and improve your strengths and weaknesses at work and home.”

Robert R.

Idaho State Police

“I would encourage anyone, in any profession, to understand and grow their own emotional intelligence through Blue EQ. The knowledge you gain through the course encourages you to sharpen skills you are already good at, and identifies areas that you may not have even been aware that you were lacking in. You and your employees and co-workers will all benefit from your increased Emotional Intelligence.”

Companies that have worked with us

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Available Assessments

Embark on a data-driven journey of behavioral change and cultural transformation starting with our comprehensive assessments.


Unveiling your hidden strengths and growth opportunities through comprehensive, multi-rater emotional intelligence assessment.

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The BlueEQ 360 assessment for government

PS16™ Organizational Assessment

Measure and enhance psychological safety in your organization for a cohesive, high-performing team.

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Organizational assessment for government

PS16™ Cultural Assessment

Leverage psychological safety metrics to enhance leadership, engagement, career growth, and foster a healthy high-performing culture.

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BlueEQ cultural assessment for government workers

PS16™ DEIB Assessment

Utilize psychological safety to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, boosting productivity, inclusion, and well-being.

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DEIB assessment for government employees

Available Trainings

Experience transformative EQ and Psychological Safety solutions. In-person or virtual, these trainings range from 2 hours to full-day, unlocking your leadership effectiveness.

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Emotional Intelligence For Leaders

Empower your leaders to unleash an unstoppable wave of emotional intelligence, driving collaboration, innovation, and high-performance throughout your organization.

Emotional intelligence for government leaders
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Psychological Safety For Leaders

Embark on a data-driven cultural transformation with BlueEQ's Leading with Psychological Safety solutions. Cultivate learner safety, collaborator safety, challenger safety, and inclusion safety, propelling your team towards unprecedented performance and innovation.

Psychological safety for government leaders

Available Certifications

BlueEQ certification empowers mastery of crucial skills, efficient organization-wide teaching, customizable courses, and ongoing coaching for accelerated change and skill transfer.

Emotional intelligence certification for government workers

Emotional Intelligence

BlueEQ certification offers an interactive, step-by-step process, equipping you with knowledge and facilitation skills to efficiently increase emotional intelligence throughout the organization.

Psychological safety certification for government workers

Psychological Safety

Discover how BlueEQ's data-driven approach to psychological safety cultivates learner safety, collaborator safety, challenger safety, and inclusion safety, driving culture transformation.

Free Guide Title Charting Your Path to Enhanced Well-Being

The BlueEQ Emotional Intelligence Compass™, designed to boost well-being through seven key EQ behaviors. The Compass offers tailored strategies for each EQ behavior and encourages a specific action commitment for long-lasting improvement.

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Attend an Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Workshop by BlueEQ™

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BlueEQ Emotional Intelligence Training – an Excerpt

Building a High Performing Culture with Emotional Intelligence

Building a High Performing Culture with Emotional Intelligence