Psychological Safety Certification

Are you prepared to boost the effectiveness of your change initiatives and staff development strategies?

The BlueEQ Leading with Psychological Safety certification offers tailored strategies for the advancement of Psychological Safety within your teams, accelerating sustainable behavior changes. This certification builds organizational culture, creates cost efficiency, and provides solutions utilizing AI tools.

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Psychological Safety Certification



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Who is this for?

Leaders, L&D, HR




16 hours/multiple days

Why Get Certified?

BlueEQ certification builds leadership and facilitation skills, reinforces sustainable change, boosts professional credentials and amplifies organizational expertise.

Professional Development: BlueEQ certification improves facilitation skills and provides valuable professional credentials, showcasing your dedication to emotional intelligence expertise.


Organizational Transformation: Lead your organization to new heights by integrating emotional intelligence into the leaders, team and culture, fostering a climate of awareness, empathy, and productivity.


Sustainable Change: Certification equips you with tools to reinforce long-term behavior change, ensuring ongoing improvement and adaptability within your team and organization.

What to Expect

Comprehensive content review and mastery.

Substantial practice in teaching back the material.

Hands-on application and consistent coaching.

Access to advanced BlueEQ AI Tools.

Opportunity to join a worldwide network of BlueEQ facilitators.

Ongoing support from BlueEQ Certified Master Facilitators.


Hear from Others

Meghan W.

Total Expert

“BlueEQ provided insights that will help me in my career and personal life immediately. I have received actionable takeaways that I am ready to start using today!”

Jason G.

Testronic Labs

“BlueEQ helped me really understand where I am emotionally challenged and how to address those areas proactively in order to become a better boss, employee, and human.”

Jesse E.

Ardebili Engineering

“An excellent program to help improve yourself and your workplace culture”

Lori B.

Merchant E-Solutions

 “I highly recommend BlueEQ for all team members. It is a great tool for all, not just leaders.”

Cameron P.

Hawthorne Cat

“As we prepare to implement this program in our organization, I anticipate that it will result in an improved psychologically safe culture, in so doing, empowering our employees to unlock their creativity.”

Kortney O.


 “BlueEQ’s training helps you gain clarity on what different segments of Psychological Safety are, how they may be damaged, and how to repair them.”

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