Emotional Intelligence For Academics

Higher emotional intelligence fosters a psychologically safe environment, unlocking deeper collaboration, creativity, and resilience among students. The BlueEQ™ Academic Track elevates students' emotional intelligence to enhance well-being and academic success, and empowers faculty and staff to create and support a thriving academic community. 

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Students, Faculty and Staff


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Engaging online education and development, accessible from anywhere.


Specialized education and development, provided in a face-to-face setting.


Blend on-demand training seamlessly into existing course curriculum; flexible and  skill-focused.

Our 3 Tracks

Asynchronous On-demand


Interactive Video Content 

Comprehensive BlueEQ Self-Assessment

Personalized 3-step Development

Exclusive BlueEQ Academy Access

Advanced AI Tools

BlueEQ Instructor


Interactive 4-hour Workshop

Comprehensive BlueEQ Self-Assessment

Personalized 3-Step Development

Advanced Emotional Intelligence Tools and Strategies

Exclusive BlueEQ Academy Access

Advanced AI Tools

Faculty Certified


BlueEQ Certification for Faculty to Blend Content into Existing Courses

Certify on all BlueEQ Assessments

Personalized 3-Step Development 

Advanced Emotional Intelligence Tools and Strategies

Exclusive BlueEQ Academy Access

Advanced AI Tools

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emotional intelligence and education

What to Expect

Navigating through BlueEQ's Emotional Intelligence program reveals a transformative journey, meticulously tailored for university students, faculty, and staff. Here's a succinct breakdown:

All-Inclusive Learning: Dive into tailored sessions, boosting emotional intelligence understanding across students, faculty, and staff. Content can be customized to accommodate multiple delivery methods.

Tailored Development & AI Synergy: Master the Skillset, Mindset, and Toolset trifecta, enriched by our advanced AI, offering a dynamic emotional intelligence elevation for the entire academic community.

Academic & Professional Integration: Our content is anchored in both academic depth and real-world applicability, providing tools that resonate in student classrooms and staff training.

Customized Emotional Intelligence Roadmap: Every participant, whether student, professor, or administrator, creates a development plan, directing their path to continuous emotional intelligence growth.

Collective Self-Reflection: Embark on a journey of introspection, discovering both collective strengths and personal areas for emotional intelligence development.

Step into a comprehensive emotional intelligence experience where age-old wisdom meets modern technology, designed for academia's multifaceted landscape.

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BlueEQ™ Tips For Academics

Unlocking Academic Excellence: The Emotional Intelligence Revolution for Students, Faculty, and Staff


Hear from Others

Carol A.

University of Alabama

BlueEQ is great for individuals and teams interested in growing from the benefits of emotionally intelligent leaders!

Kim C.

CSU Fullerton

“The knowledge and tools learned through BlueEQ encouraged personal growth that will benefit my personal life as well as my professional life. I also believe the skills I gained will help me to support my children, my family and my colleagues in being happier and more successful in their relationships as well.”

Christina M.

Seminole County Public Schools

“After taking this course, I feel Self-Aware…Enlightened…Reassured…Ready. If you think you know yourself, take this course, and be surprised to learn even more but more importantly get a better understanding of how others see you as a leader.”

Andrea B.

Nichols College

“The BlueEQ i4P Process is a comprehensive, useful, and highly relatable strategy for improving emotional intelligence as well as increasing psychological safety.”

Elesaida M.

The Cleveland Institute of Art

“Emotional intelligence leads to personal growth, which leads to interpersonal effectiveness, which in turn leads to success in any context. Blue EQ helps people engage in this process.”

Denise B.

Wake Tech Community College

“A leadership organization that specializes in methodologies that promote collaboration, communication, growth, and advancement through emotional intelligence, psychological safety, and other types of training. Take BlueEQ training and move up in your organization..”

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