PS16™ Leading Cultural Assessment

The BlueEQ PS16™ Leading Cultural Assessment quantifies the strength of an organization’s culture, focusing on psychological safety, management styles, employee engagement, career development, and inherent cultural attributes.

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Who is this for?

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What is it?

Dive into the depth of the BlueEQ PS16™ Leading Cultural Assessment. Our tool evaluates individual psychological safety and its four quadrants, offering a detailed analysis that aligns with behavioral culture drivers—Management, Engagement, Career Development, and overall Culture. Benefit from higher engagement, productivity, increased profits, and lower key talent turnover. Built on the premise of 'change the behavior, change the culture,' it is designed to accelerate transformative organizational shifts.

Deliverable Overview

Comprehensive 49-page report packed with actionable data

Anonymous participation to ensure authentic feedback.

In-depth psychological safety analysis.

Analysis can be broken down by organization and specific teams for targeted insights.

Over 200 tips and techniques for specific cultural improvement.

Open-ended questions designed to gather specific feedback and suggestions.

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Benefits Overview

Uncover the barriers to open communication and innovation.

Drive higher levels of employee engagement, leading to better productivity.

Identify strategies to retain key talent, thus reducing turnover costs.

Improve culture, which can lead to increased profits.

Create informed decisions about strategy and implementation to better the organizational culture.

Compare the organizational and team results to understand cultural dynamics

Companies that completed the assessment

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What to Expect

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Transforming Culture, Amplifying Success

Embark on a transformative journey with the BlueEQ PS16™ Leading Cultural Assessment. Its strategic focus on refining the behaviors of leaders and team members provides a direct route to enduring cultural change. Foster elevated psychological safety, driving advancements in management, engagement, career development, and a thriving organizational culture.

Throughout the report, user-oriented graphics highlight key data in contextual categories to give clear, easy to understand, consistent navigational signals to take action and get results.


Hearing From Others

Irene M.,


“What a surprisingly clear format for something so complex as Emotional Intelligence! There is a lot to learn about yourself and ideas + activities that support one’s personal growth. Intense and very impactful training, also for teams.”

Lori B.,

Merchant E-Solutions

“I highly recommend BlueEQ for all team members. It is a great tool for all, not just leaders.”

Ciera C.,


“The concepts that we learned while at the BlueEQ training will be game changers for our executive team.”

Jennifer C.,


“A BlueEQ™ training workshop should be a mandatory workshop for all employees”


Team Coact

“Of the trainings I’ve done for personal development or emotional intelligence understanding, BlueEQ had more actionable recommendations for improving myself and my work.”

Larry B.,


“BlueEQ gives the participant insight and increased self-awareness regarding their own inter-personal communication and relationship dynamics — actionable information that can serve as the springboard for improved performance and growth.”

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Leverage the PS16™ Leading Cultural Assessment for data-driven cultural transformation in your organization and sustainable behavioral change with your people.

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