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When leaders level-up their emotional intelligence, they don't just lead teams, they inspire greatness. The Leading with Emotional Intelligence training is turning the “impossible” into “watch this”!



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Engaging online education and development, accessible from anywhere.


Specialized education and development, provided in a face-to-face setting.

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Interactive 2-hour Workshop

Comprehensive BlueEQ Self-Assessment

Personalized 3-step Development

Exclusive BlueEQ Academy Access

Advanced AI Tools



Interactive 4-hour Workshop

Comprehensive BlueEQ Self-Assessment

Personalized 3-Step Development

Exclusive BlueEQ Academy Access

Advanced AI Tools



Interactive 8-hour Workshop

Comprehensive BlueEQ Self-Assessment

Personalized 3-Step Development

Advanced EQ Tools and Strategies

Exclusive BlueEQ Academy Access

Advanced AI Tools

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Emotional intelligence Training for Leaders
Emotional Intelligence Training for Leader

What to Expect

Embarking upon the BlueEQ Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Workshop promises an enlightening journey tailored for today's discerning leaders. Here's a concise overview:

Hands-on Engagement: Delve into immersive experiences, meticulously crafted to refine your emotional insight.

Holistic Development & AI Integration: Elevate your leadership through our unique trinity: Skillset, Mindset, and Toolset. Enhanced with our interactive AI tools, we ensure an innovative and comprehensive EQ enhancement.

Real-world Relevance: Our content, rooted in practicality, ensures strategies and insights that seamlessly translate to actionable leadership maneuvers.

Strategic Blueprint: Be empowered with a bespoke development plan, your personal roadmap to sustained EQ growth.

Introspective Insight: Embark on a profound journey of self-awareness, spotlighting both your inherent strengths and potential growth avenues

Step into a transformative leadership experience, where emotional intelligence meets cutting-edge technology.

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Overcoming Leadership Fatigue & Burnout

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Creating Higher Well-being in the Workplace

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A Leader's Guide to Developing Emotional Intelligence

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An Introduction to the 4 Quadrants of Psychological Safety™


Hear from Others

Denise B.

Wake Tech Community College

“A leadership organization that specializes in methodologies that promote collaboration, communication, growth, and advancement through emotional intelligence, psychological safety, and other types of training. Take BlueEQ training and move up in your organization.”

Butch K.


“I would encourage any company to send managers to attend this all-day conference. Making sure that your company consists of “Blue” leadership will simply make your company better in every way.”

Shelly M.

Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals

“BlueEQ took emotional intelligence to the next level! I completed the course with a game plan with specific steps to help improve my EQ for use in my work and personal life.”

Kim O.

General Sheet Metal

“If you are looking to build great leaders and a healthy culture, utilizing the BlueEQ assessment and develop program is a great starting place.”

Melinda M.

Dayton Children’s Hospital

 “BlueEQ does a fantastic job from the accurate and personalized pre-assessment to the interactive, engaging live session! They even include actionable items to improve your EQ and a ton of resources. Well done!”

Wendy D.

C2 Technologies

 “The program was easy to follow, the virtual format was executed flawlessly, and the information and next steps planning are invaluable.”

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