Emotional Intelligence & Psychological Safety Certifications

BlueEQ certification empowers leaders, personalizes skill development, and fosters a resilient organizational culture through tailored solutions.

Emotional Intelligence Certification

BlueEQ Leading with Emotional Intelligence certification provides leaders and facilitators with customized emotional intelligence content and tools, empowering them to drive performance, enrich culture, and meet unique organizational needs dynamically.

Leading with Psychological Safety Course

Psychological Safety Certification

BlueEQ Psychological Safety certification equips trainers with mastery of the 4 Quadrants of Psychological Safety - Learner, Collaborator, Challenger, and Inclusion Safety, enhancing an organization's culture resulting in greater innovation and inclusivity.

Leading with emotional intelligence courses


Certifying in administering the BlueEQ assessments empowers leaders to conduct a thorough, data-driven analysis of emotional intelligence, psychological safety, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. This certification facilitates personal, professional, and organizational development.

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