BlueEQ Assessment Certification

Ready to transform your organization's culture and empower your team with data-driven insights? 

The BlueEQ Assessment certification leverages advanced instruments and AI tools to guide lasting behavioral change. Enhance leader and team development, streamline operations, and drive sustainable success with tailored, data-backed strategies. Dive into the future of advanced team performance and organizational development with BlueEQ.

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Stefan T.


“The assessment that I did through BlueEQ was eye-opening and made me realize that there was a lot of personal growth that I didn’t focus on before. In large complex change and transformation projects EQ makes a difference and will help get teams on board to execute.”

Eric B.

Sibcy Cline Realtors

“As a leader, I need information I can take action on. BlueEQ gave me tools I was able to implement in my organization the very next day. You can’t ask for much more than that!”

Lisa W.

South Bay International Inc.

“The program provide a self assessment and adds a level of awareness to weakness and providing ways to address lower scoring dimensions in a practical and positive way.”

Kari M.

Chuck Latham Associates

“This BlueEQ assessment and training was one of the best led trainings that I have been through. I gathered valuable tips and insights for not only my professional career but for me personally to carry on. Everyone should go through this training, and I cannot wait to roll it out to my leadership team.”

Laura H.

PMA Consultants

“Everyone should take the self-assessment and teams of employees and their leader(s) should take the self-assessment so they know how the group functions as whole and areas of improvement.”

Andrew J.

Crossmark Global

“BlueEQ’s assessment is incredibly accurate and the subsequent Development Tips & Techniques are simple yet impactful, practical and easy to implement. The program will definitely make a difference, and I’m planning to run the rest of our Executive Team through the Leading with EQ program. Great investment of time and resources!!”

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