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Unlock your leadership effectiveness, gain self-awareness, and master relationships with our transformative multi-rater emotional intelligence assessment

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360 leadership assessment

What is it?

The BlueEQ™ 360 Assessment is a powerful tool that eliminates self-assessment bias. It offers a multi-rater approach, providing valuable feedback from managers, peers, direct reports and others. Uncover hidden strengths and blind spots, with an easy-to-navigate 46-page report filled with tips and techniques for personal and professional growth.

Deliverable Overview

46-page easy-to-navigate comprehensive report

Completely anonymous format for raters

Heat map format for manager, peer, direct reports and other’s results

Unlimited 12 Months Access to the BlueEQ™ Academy

Unlimited 12 Months Access to the BlueEQ™ AI Behavioral Change Innovator™


Benefits Overview

Unleash hidden strengths and untapped potential through diverse perspectives.

Gain valuable insights and overcome blind spots with input from managers, peers, direct reports, and others.

Build strong relationships and foster a culture of trust by actively seeking feedback.

Enhance communication skills, adaptability, and teamwork through multi-rater assessments.

Develop self-awareness and understand your impact on others.

Foster a supportive work environment by encouraging open feedback and continuous improvement.

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What to Expect

360 assessments Blue EQ

BlueEQ360™ Assessments

Gain unbiased feedback, enhance self-awareness, foster trust, improve resilience, optimize career trajectory, and develop stronger relationships by taking the BlueEQ360™.

360 assessment heat map

The BlueEQ™ Heat Map

The BlueEQ360™ report offers an in-depth analysis of your emotional intelligence in a user-friendly 46-page format. At its core lies the powerful BlueEQ™ Heat Map, which vividly maps out your position across five EQ skills and 25 EQ... Read More

This compelling, user-oriented graphic, strategically positioned at the start of the report, illuminates your path towards elevated emotional intelligence. It acts as a personal GPS for your journey, guiding your growth and success in both personal and professional realms.

360 assessment strengths and blind spots

Strengths & Blind Spots Analysis

Discover the hidden strengths and blind spots that shape your professional journey with the BlueEQ™ multi-rater auto analyzer report. Green areas on the heat map indicate hidden strengths, where reviewers rate you higher than your own... Read More

360 assessment profile page

BlueEQ360™ Profile Pages

Every BlueEQ™ skill and dimension has a dedicated profile page, offering a detailed breakdown. Each page presents the participant's score for that specific skill or dimension in an easily identifiable color-coded bar. Moreover, each profile... Read More

Revolutionize your workplace culture with BlueEQ, and leverage emotional intelligence to build a psychologically safe, collaborative, innovative, and inclusive environment. Your path to transformation begins with BlueEQ.

360 assessment academy

BlueEQ Academy

The BlueEQ™ Online Academy is a meticulously curated digital library featuring industry-leading articles and videos spanning the five EQ skills and 25 dimensions. Designed to facilitate sustainable behavioral change, the Academy... Read More

360 assessment AI

BlueEQ AI Behavioral Change Innovator™

Transform your personal growth journey with our dynamic, real-time AI Emotional Intelligence tool. Harnessing advanced algorithms, we tailor strategies to strengthen five core EQ skills across 25 dimensions. Face unique challenges... Read More

BlueEQ™ Engagement Options

BlueEQ360™ Assessment

Gain unbiased feedback, enhance self-awareness, foster trust, improve resilience, optimize career trajectory, and develop stronger relationships by taking the BlueEQ360™.

BlueEQ™ 2-Hour Interpretation Workshop

Unlock your BlueEQ™ assessment results with a two-hour interpretation workshop, guiding you through personalized insights and initiating your three-step development plan.

BlueEQ™ 4-Hour Performance Workshop

Explore the relationship between leadership and EQ, devise a personalized development plan, and cultivate a psychologically safe, high-performing team culture to increase engagement, innovation, talent, and resilience.

BlueEQ™ 8-Hour Mastery Workshop

Learn how to lead with emotional intelligence, generating greater career and organizational impact while building skills to foster psychological safety. Create a comprehensive development plan with practical AI tools for continuous development.

 Maximize results with managers, teams, and executives by engaging an experienced BlueEQ™ coach for a successful application and implementation.

BlueEQ™ Academy

A robust collection of resources, videos and tools to enhance self-directed proficiency in application.

BlueEQ™ AI Behavioral Change Innovator™

Harness the power of AI to supercharge your EQ development. Generate custom plans and strategies for the five skills and 25 dimensions based on variables such as industry, position, experience, and unique business challenges.

BlueEQ™ Post Engagement Re-assessment

Retake the BlueEQ™ Self-Assessment after 60-90 days to measure progress and reset the development plan.


Hearing From Others

Darcie L.,

LTC Partners

“People are going through a lot of struggles right now. Emotional intelligence is vital to help employees through these tough times. It is the key factor to having a strong and effective team. BlueEQ can help get you there.”

Angel R.,


“BlueEQ is taking emotional intelligence assessments to a whole new level. The level of details and helpful tools resulting from this program, to achieve your professional and personal goals are unmatched!”

Michelle L.,

Austin Regional Clinic

“A necessity to organizations whether they are struggling or striving to improve their already good culture.”

Danny G.,

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.

 “EQ is crucial to success personally and professionally and everyone should block out time to invest and grow in this area!”

Brian D.,

Five-Star Audio Visual

“I was expecting the usual “Fluff” evaluation. However, this evaluation was spot on. It certainly opened my eyes to some areas that I need to work on.”

Jennifer B.,


“BlueEQ helped me understand some of the things I knew about myself but could not articulate. The program also helped me identify ways to work & improve myself professionally & personally.”

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