BlueEQ PS16 Assessment

The BlueEQ PS16 Assessment measures psychological safety across four quadrants: learning, collaboration, challenge, and inclusion within teams and organizations. Empower inclusions and innovation with data-driven insight, fostering positive transformation in your organization.

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What is it?

Elevate your organization with the BlueEQ PS16 Assessment. Amid today's rapidly changing landscape, psychological safety has become a crucial catalyst for retaining talent, adapting to change, and sparking innovation. Our data-driven assessment gauges psychological safety across four quadrants - learner, collaborator, challenger, and inclusion. More than an assessment, the BlueEQ PS16 Assessment is a strategic tool that empowers leadership development and cultural transformation, enabling teams to thrive amidst uncertainty while fostering a resilient, inclusive, and agile environment, ready for future challenges.

Deliverable Overview

Comprehensive 3-page report packed with actionable data

Anonymous participation to ensure authentic feedback.

In-depth psychological safety analysis.

Analysis can be broken down by organization and specific teams for targeted insights

60-90 day retake available.

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Benefits Overview

Leverage the power of psychological safety to improve team productivity and innovation, contributing to profits.

Utilize the BlueEQ PS16 Assessment to create an environment where employees feel appreciated, leading to better retention rates.

Foster a psychologically safe environment, decrease employee turnover, and save on associated costs.

Encourage open dialogue and interpersonal risk-taking in a safe space, enabling creativity and innovation to thrive.

Reduce stress and burnout by creating an inclusive supportive environment where people feel safe to speak up.

Make informed decisions about team and organizational improvements with data-driven insights from the BlueEQ PS16 Assessment.

Companies that completed the assessment

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What to Expect

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Data-Driven Transformation, Unlocked Potential

Boost your team's performance and foster data-driven cultural transformation with the BlueEQ PS16 Assessment. A tool intricately designed to cultivate a high-performance, innovative team environment. This compelling, user-oriented graphic, strategically positioned at the start of the report, illuminates your path towards elevated emotional intelligence. It acts as a personal GPS for your journey, guiding your growth and success in both personal and professional realms.


Hearing From Others

Irene M.,


“What a surprisingly clear format for something so complex as Emotional Intelligence! There is a lot to learn about yourself and ideas + activities that support one’s personal growth. Intense and very impactful training, also for teams.”

Lori B.,

Merchant E-Solutions

“I highly recommend BlueEQ for all team members. It is a great tool for all, not just leaders.”

Ciera C.,


“The concepts that we learned while at the BlueEQ training will be game changers for our executive team.”

Jennifer C.,


“A BlueEQ™ training workshop should be a mandatory workshop for all employees”


Team Coact

“Of the trainings I’ve done for personal development or emotional intelligence understanding, BlueEQ had more actionable recommendations for improving myself and my work.”

Larry B.,


“BlueEQ gives the participant insight and increased self-awareness regarding their own inter-personal communication and relationship dynamics — actionable information that can serve as the springboard for improved performance and growth.”

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Leap into the future with the BlueEQ PS16 Assessment! Spark data-driven change and reap the benefits of a thriving, engaged, and psychologically safe team. Get wiser, go bolder!

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