Are You a Blue Zone Leader

Are You a Blue Zone Leader

BlueEQ™ Staff

Are You a Blue Zone Leader? If not, you need to become one, and fast. You see, every person creates a psychological zone around them based on their emotional intelligence. The kind of psychological zone you create may well be the single most important measure of your personal and professional success. What is a psychological zone? It’s your vibe, feeling, tone, and energy you convey.

Most importantly, it’s a measure of psychological safety you create for others. It can range from extremely inspiring, warm and inviting at one end, to completely disengaging, cold and repelling at the other.

Why Should You Care About Becoming a Blue Zone Leader?

The answer is simple: It’s absolutely critical for your success, and second, it creates massive business impact. A “blue zone” leader accelerates performance, attracts top talent, fosters innovation, expands engagement, and inspires loyalty.

An unsafe, toxic psychological zone craters morale and shuts people down. Especially millennials. A safe, empowering psychological zone boosts morale and draws people out. This stark contrast translates into enormous differences in business impact of every kind—beginning with retention and extending to all forms of innovation and productivity. Today, successful organizations compete more on the basis of innovation and employee engagement than ever before.

A “Red Zone Leader™” is at a distinct disadvantage compared to a “Blue Zone Leader™.”

Are You a Blue Zone Leader?

If not, you can be. Get out a clean mirror, hold it up, and take a look. What is the unedited truth? Are you a blue zone leader?

Ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Do people believe they can trust me?
  2. Do people open up and express their honest thoughts and feelings around me, or are they guarded, stressed, and withdrawn?
  3. Do people believe that I have a genuine interest in them?
  4. Do people want my feedback?
  5. Am I comfortable in allowing people to challenge me?

Through their emotional intelligence, “blue zone leaders” create astonishing levels of psychological safety and sustainable business impact in their organizations.

How about you? If you’re not a “blue zone leader,” are you ready to become one? Learn how to transform your leaders, contact us at [email protected]. BlueEQ™ is the most powerful, comprehensive and complete emotional intelligence solution available.