PS16 Assessment – Psychological Safety Survey


BlueEQTM is the world’s most accurate, comprehensive, and powerful emotional intelligence self-assessment. It was designed by a team of social and behavioral scientists, instructional psychologists, and psychometricians.

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Measure your emotional intelligence quickly and accurately:

The BlueEQTM Includes:

  • BlueEQTM Profile
    • Examines your 5-EQ Skills: Self-Regard, Self-Awareness, Self-Control, Social Perception, and Social Effectiveness.
    • Measures your competence in the 25-EQ Dimensions: Optimism, Self-Respect, Confidence, Motivation, Independence, Openness, Self-Knowledge, Integrity, Monitoring, Introspection, Impulse Control, Stress Tolerance, Emotional Stability, Resilience, Delayed Gratification, Empathy, Observation, Anticipation, Interpretation, Mindfulness, Influence, Conflict Management, Relationship Management, Accountability, Ego Management.
  • Personal Profile Summary
    • Details your 5–EQ Skills and 25–EQ Dimensions and classifies them as: Risk Factors, Limiting Factors, Growth Factors, Strength capsid factors, Success Factors. You will quickly identify those skills and dimensions requiring improvement.
  • Individual Skill and Dimension Profile
    • Analyzes your results with detailed explanations of characteristics of a high and low score behaviors. You will receive strategies, tips, and techniques that you can apply immediately to increase your EQ in each skill and dimension.
  • Personal Development Plan
    • Creates a specific plan with step-by-step goals, daily activities, and target dates to increase your emotional intelligence. You learn how to engage a coach to ensure your success.
  • BlueEQTM Certificate of Completion
    • Acknowledges your successful completion and registers you in the National BlueEQTM Network (NBN)


The BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence Assessment

After years of research and testing, Dr. Timothy R. Clark, PhD and his team of researchers at BlueEQ™ created a robust emotional intelligence test consisting of 150 questions that assesses both strengths and weaknesses in 5 Emotional Intelligence Skills and 25 specific EQ dimensions. 

The BlueEQ™ Assessment is a reliable and valid tool that accurately measures emotional intelligence and provides practical application for personal growth and career development. Seasoned professionals, new managers, and entry-level employees can all benefit from understanding and improving emotional intelligence competencies.

Included in the BlueEQ™ Assessment

  • 35-page easy-to-read comprehensive personalized assessment
  • Heat map: a 1-page at-a-glance results summary overview
  • Access to the i4P™ process for sustainable behavioral change

The Most Powerful Emotional Intelligence Assessment for Leadership

There should be a great amount of urgency for organizations of any type to assess the emotional intelligence of their leaders. After all, it’s the leader of a team that sets the tone for collaboration and productivity.

How important of a leadership factor is Emotional Intelligence? Many of us think that charisma or technical proficiency make great leaders, but the research points to Emotional Intelligence as the #1 principle for a leader to enable teammates to fully engage and achieve superior business impact.

According to Google’s Aristotle project, the key trait to a successful team is psychological safety, and we’ve found that a leader can only create psychological safety through Emotional Intelligence skills.

Beyond the Assessment: How We Engage with Clients

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Emotional Intelligence Enables Psychological Safety

BlueEQ’s Assessment will be able to accurately rate your leaders’ ability to create a climate of psychological safety for team members; but what exactly is psychological safety?

Psychological safety is a workplace climate that allows teammates to take risks, learn from mistakes, give candid feedback, and innovate. When a workplace is not psychological safe, teammates tend to keep ideas to themselves out of fear of being ridiculed, they don’t give candid feedback, and because they fear for their job, they enter into self-preservation mode. This is an extremely counter-productive mindset. Everyone has experienced this in one form or another – does it sound familiar to you?

When a leader knows some tricks of persuasion but lacks emotional intelligence skills, you’re left with a master-manipulator who does not create psychological safety. What kind of leader are you? Take this assessment and find out.

Hence, EQ is a Better Indicator of Business and Personal Success than IQ

Researchers within Google, our own research team, and many others are just realizing how grand the scope is for emotional intelligence skills and why it’s become increasingly important to assess the EQ of leaders and contributors in an organization. It’s a bold statement, but researchers are practically unanimous in finding that emotional intelligence skills are a greater indicator of organizational and personal success than IQ, assuming these individuals possess a minimum baseline IQ.

The Emotional Intelligence Assessment with the Highest Validation Scores

When taking an Emotional Intelligence Assessment, it’s important to know how valid your scores are. BlueEQ’s Emotional Intelligence Assessment has by-far the highest validation scores in the industry.

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