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BlueEQ is the world’s most applicable, comprehensive, and powerful emotional intelligence self-assessment for creating real business impact. It was designed by a team of social and behavioral scientists, instructional psychologists, and psychometricians.

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The BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence Assessment

After years of research and testing, our team of researchers at BlueEQ™ created a robust emotional intelligence test consisting of 150 questions that assesses both strengths and weaknesses in 5 Emotional Intelligence Skills and 25 specific EQ dimensions.

The BlueEQ™ Assessment is a reliable and valid tool that accurately measures emotional intelligence and provides practical application for personal growth and career development. Seasoned professionals, new managers, and entry-level employees can all benefit from understanding and improving emotional intelligence competencies.

Included in the BlueEQ™ Assessment
  • 34-page easy-to-read comprehensive personalized assessment
  • Heat map: a 1-page at-a-glance results summary overview
  • Access to the i4P™ process for sustainable behavioral change
The Most Powerful Emotional Intelligence Assessment for Leadership

There should be a great amount of urgency for organizations of any type to assess the emotional intelligence of their leaders. After all, it’s the leader of a team that sets the tone for collaboration and productivity.

How important of a leadership factor is Emotional Intelligence? Many of us think that charisma or technical proficiency make great leaders, but the research points to Emotional Intelligence as the #1 principle for a leader to enable teammates to fully engage and achieve superior business impact.

According to Google’s Aristotle project, the key trait to a successful team is psychological safety, and we’ve found that a leader can only create psychological safety through Emotional Intelligence skills.