What is BlueEQ™?

BlueEQ™ is the next level of leadership evolution, where Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Safety, and AI converge to drive data-backed leadership and culture transformations.

BlueEQ™ Core Logic

Emotional Intelligence
Made Simple

emotional intelligence skills

High emotional intelligence elevates psychological safety, empowering significant professional growth and positive organizational impact.

Emotional intelligence is about the way we show up - for ourselves, our teams, and our organization. High emotional intelligence skills and behaviors foster a psychologically safe team culture. Through this process, we catalyze team well being, reduce turnover, enhance engagement, foster inclusivity, and unleash peak performance. Harness the power of emotional intelligence to create and sustain a psychologically safe and inclusive culture with BlueEQ™.

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Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses


Experience transformative growth through our assessments in Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Safety, Organizational Culture, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging - designed to empower leaders and enrich workplaces.


Empower your leadership journey with our engaging training solutions in Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Safety, and Organizational Culture - propelling you towards professional and organizational excellence.


Earn prestigious BlueEQ™ certifications in Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety to demonstrate professional growth, establish leadership excellence, and foster thriving, psychologically safe organizational cultures.

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Leading With Psychological Safety - Virtual


Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Train-the-Trainer Certification


Leading With Emotional Intelligence - Virtual

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Overcoming Leader Fatigue & Burnout

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Creating Higher Well-being in the Workplace

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A Leader's Guide to Developing Emotional Intelligence

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An Introduction to The 4 Quadrants of Psychological Safety™


Hear from Others

Darcie L.

LTC Partners

“People are going through a lot of struggles right now. Emotional intelligence is vital to help employees through these tough times. It is the key factor to having a strong and effective team. BlueEQ™ can help get you there.”

Nancy E.

Indiana University

“BlueEQ™’s work will make the world better! I believe emotional intelligence is the driving force for personal, team, career, business, and societal improvement and impact.”

Danielle P.

Delta College

“Understanding and developing your EQ is the best investment you can make for personal and career success. Commit to changing behaviors that are keeping you from realizing your potential. After three months, assess your growth and track your progress. You’ll get your money’s worth and more!.”

Jennifer B.


“BlueEQ™ helped me understand some of the things I knew about myself but could not articulate. The program also helped me identify ways to work & improve myself professionally & personally.”

Irene M.


“What a surprisingly clear format for something so complex as Emotional Intelligence! There is a lot to learn about yourself and ideas + activities that support one’s personal growth. Intense and very impactful training, also for teams.”

Lori B.

Merchant E-Solutions

“I highly recommend BlueEQ™ for all team members. It is a great tool for all, not just leaders.”

Jennifer C.


“A BlueEQ™ training workshop should be a mandatory workshop for all employees”

Larry B.


“BlueEQ™ gives the participant insight and increased self-awareness regarding their own inter-personal communication and relationship dynamics — actionable information that can serve as the springboard for improved performance and growth.”

Brian A.

Denver Zoological Foundation

“I would strongly recommend BlueEQ™ to help facilitate organizational awareness, implications and implementation for positive change.”

L. Respress

Springfield Clinic

“BlueEQ™ is helping me bridge the gap and become a better leader and a better person”

Carol A.

University of Alabama

"BlueEQ is great for individuals and teams interested in growing from the benefits of emotionally intelligent leaders!"

Melinda M.

Dayton Children’s Hospital

“BlueEQ does a fantastic job from the accurate and personalized pre-assessment to the interactive, engaging live session! They even include actionable items to improve your EQ and a ton of resources. Well done!”