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Endorsements for Virtual Sessions


“This is a great workshop for anyone looking to better understand the impact they have on those around them, how they can improve that impact and how they can increase their “value” to everyone from family, friends, colleagues, subordinates and superiors. It is one of best investments I think one can make in themselves.”

—Chad D., Rite-Hite Products Corporation


“It is a very interactive course. Even if you think you don’t need Emotional Intelligence, if you take the course seriously you’ll realize it is helpful in every aspect of your life. The course gives you the tools to improve yourself by looking within. It allows others within your class to practice feedback and for you to receive it. In addition, this course isn’t simplistic nor is it too complicated, it is just right for every stage of an employee; entry to C level.”

—Irene I., GlobalSCAPE


“The role and significance of understanding EQ is paramount to the success and safety of an organization going forward.”

—Randy S., Christ United Myrtle Beach


“Understanding and developing your EQ is the best investment you can make for personal and career success. This session–which is active, reflective, and interactive–is designed to assist you in becoming your best version of yourself. It’s not a “one and done” experience, like many other workshops. After the training, there’s work to do! Commit to changing behaviors that are keeping you from realizing your potential. After three months, assess your growth and track your progress. You’ll get your money’s worth and more!.”

—Danielle P., Delta College


“What a great program that identifies areas you need to work on in having Emotional Intelligence and gives you specific techniques for improving those areas.

—Karla E., Olberding Brands


“One of the best training classes I have taken in a long time. It was very timely with everything going on in the world right now. The trainer was AMAZING as well!”

—Kevin H., American Express


“BlueEQ took emotional intelligence to the next level! I completed the course with a game plan with specific steps to help improve my EQ for use in my work and personal life.”

—Shelly M., Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals


“EQ is crucial to success personally and professionally and everyone should block out time to invest and grow in this area!”

—Danny G., Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.


“Taking the time to explore myself with BlueEQ gave me an added level of how to look at myself especially in the particular areas that I may not have noticed that needed attention, but when honest with myself, these areas do need work. Another way to keep myself aligned with who I am, how I want to be, and portray myself to others…my authentic self. Looking to use this to grow and enhance a better me and become a more effective colleague and team member.”

—Jennifer S., SitelogIQ


“If you want to find the best version of yourself, sign up for BlueEQ.”

—Jackie B., The Bandish Group


“What a great way to learn about yourself in order to improve your emotional intelligence. The technology and process is seamless which makes the results easy to understand.”

—Todd S., The American College of Financial Services


“You should take this course for self knowledge and personal/professional growth.”

—Daniel D., Delta Dental of Washington


“Absolutely a great tool of knowledge of human behavior that every work environment should know and apply because it improve us personally and professionally.”

—Claudia A., Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC


“The course is engaging, interactive, and insightful! I can’t wait for the 90 review! Great spend of training dollars!”

—Leah W., GlobalSCAPE


“Best virtual course I’ve seen.”

—Ellen S., U.S. Department of Agriculture


“It is a unique way to look at your personal strengths and weaknesses.”

—Gary B., U.S. Department of Agriculture


“I would recommend to anyone as this information is beneficial to both work and personal life.”

—Sarah W., ActioNet


“People are going through a lot of struggles right now. Emotional intelligence is vital to help employees through these tough times. It is the key factor to having a strong and effective team. BlueEQ can help get you there.”

—Darcie L., LTC Partners


“Excellent program well worth the time and money!”

—Karen C., South Shore Health


“Interesting and valuable resource for introspection and personal development.”

—Peter G., Mathematica


“Very helpful in better understanding yourself and how to communicate & function in the workplace.”

—Caroline M., Optum


“The self assessment is well crafted and flushes out 25 dimensions – all are very important.”

—Tammy W., The Christ College


“I would use this course as a must for all employees and stress this is the language we will use during evaluations and mentoring opportunities.”

—Cheryl S., PayForward LLC


“This training provided actionable and practical ways to improve your emotional intelligence in an engaging, enjoyable and interactive format.”

—Jill A., FA Client Machine


“If you are looking to build great leaders and a healthy culture, utilizing the BlueEQ assessment and develop program is a great starting place.”

—Kim O., General Sheet Metal


“The program provide a self assessment and adds a level of awareness to weakness and providing ways to address lower scoring dimensions in a practical and positive way.”

—Lisa W., South Bay International Inc. 


“BlueEQ does a fantastic job from the accurate and personalized pre-assessment to the interactive, engaging live session! They even include actionable items to improve your EQ and a ton of resources. Well done!”

—Melinda M., Dayton Children’s Hospital


“It’s a great program that helps you identify areas for personal growth that will have huge impacts both professionally and in your personal life.”

—Mark L., Flexco


“Excellent course and well worth the time. Something that every professional should complete a few times throughout their careers.”

—Kristin E., First District Association


“BlueEQ not only reinforced areas I suspected of needing to work on, but provided the tools to recognize these and take proactive steps in achieving healthier relationships.”

—Jeff B., Tilson


“It was a great training that helps you learn more about yourself. If you are truly open to change and looking to improve, this training provides good insight and tools to use to help foster that change.”

—Garrick G., Westmoreland Rosebud Mining LLC


“I highly endorse BlueEQ and can say that I have never enjoyed talking so much about my areas needing development more!”

—Alison B., Disability Law Colorado


“BlueEQ is a smooth and transparent view of the strength that can be offered when engaging with your emotional intelligence in work and personal affairs. Embrace your emotional side.”

—Mackenzie H., Growth Marketing Werks


“5 Stars!”

—Suzanne C., Growth Marketing Werks


“This BlueEQ assessment and training was one of the best led trainings that I have been through. Kelly did a great job of making the training interactive and meaningful. I gathered valuable tips and insights for not only my professional career but for me personally to carry on. Everyone should go through this training, and I cannot wait to roll it out to my leadership team.”

—Kari M., Chuck Latham Associates


“BlueEQ has taught me so much more about myself than I had thought it would and has given me the proper tools to become a better leader in my field!”

—Rebekah E., Freshpet


“We all know that emotional intelligence is a critical skill for success in today’s world (especially in crisis) but rarely is is broken down into discreet skills and dimensions. This training gives a full picture of the pieces that make up EQ and helps leaders better understand strengths and growth opportunities in a detailed and meaningful way.”

—Kristen H., TASA


“BlueEQ turns a truly difficult subject matter into bite size pieces. It allows you to focus on areas that growth is needed and celebrate the victories that you have as well. The most crucial part of BlueEQ for me was the group learn. You can read books all day, but the group learn was truly the differentiator in this learning process.”

—Lauren M., Peterman Heating Cooling & Plumbing


“Excellent program and well worth the investment personally and professionally. The science and backup behind their information is a great way to substantiate the importance of emotional intelligence.”

—Lee R., PayneCrest Electric 


“A great way to learn about your EI level, where you are, what areas to focus on, and the ability to perform a follow up assessment after 90 days of planned dedication to improving yourself.”

—Sean D., Heron Therapeutics


“EVERYONE needs this. This should be a subject taught in elementary schools and continue our whole lives.”

—Cindy R., Judicial Branch of Arizona, Maricopa County 


“This course is an essential part of leader development within the organization. It also will assist employee understand their own strengths and weakness to overcome stress and increase productivity.”

—Jeffrey F., Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office


“The program was easy to follow, the virtual format was executed flawlessly, and the information and next steps planning are invaluable.”

—Wendy D., C2 Technologies


“BlueEQ’s work will make the world better! I believe emotional intelligence is the driving force for personal, team, career, business, and societal improvement and impact.”

—Nancy E., Indiana University


“Leaving the seminar I felt a sense of excitement on how I can not only be a better coworker, but also a better person outside of work. Using their dimensions, you can learn a lot about yourself, and some may even surprise you.”

—Ian D., Brock Built


“The takeaways from this workshop can be applied to work/career as well as personal life. A great opportunity to improve elements of yourself that often go overlooked in business books and other behavioral assessments.”

—Lisa B., McDivitt Law Group


“BlueEQ is a fast paced, information packed session that encourages you to take a look at your EQ, style and approach. There is a systematic approach provided and easy to use tools and milestone activities to help you further develop your EQ.”

—Kristin T., Eurofins


“Outstanding course! Exceeded expectations, was impressed with how well it all worked in a remote environment. Great content, insightful assessment and solid implementation plan to further improve.”

—Sandie M., Rice Insurance


“If you are wanting to find ways to improve how your emotions affect your relationships both in your personal and professional life and grow as in individual, this is a great first step!”

—Maile C., Jan Marini Skin Research


“The session was interactive, educational and provided actionable steps I could take to work on maintaining as well as strengthen the skill I wanted to work on. The facilitator had great energy and the 4 hours flew by before I knew it – Overall great session.”

—Kamela F., HireTalent


“This course should benefit anyone who works with people. Emotional intelligence is a core building block for relationship and management skills.”

—Kevin S., Speedgrip Chuck Company


“Highly recommend for anyone wanting to improve there leadership and relationships.”

—Steven R., Acts Park Pointe Village


“A good way to do an honest self reflection and then think about how others perceive you and how that can impact your work teams and relationships.”

—Katie C., Santec


“BlueEQ has confirmed that I am growing in the right direction! I am looking forward to focusing on the dimensions I have selected and becoming better for myself, family, and teammates.”

—Britnie F., KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools


“Highly recommend as both individual or team building professional and personal development!”

—Kara G., The University of Tennessee


“BlueEQ quickly identified my areas for growth and risk factors. The steps to improve and grow are well defined and the tools are easy to access. I look forward to seeing my growth and how it impacts my relationships – professionally and personally.”

—Kirk W., OfficeScapes


“Well worth the time and will certainly provide a new outlook on self-reflection.”

—Byron M., Launch Credit Union


“You have to process feelings before facts. Becoming more self-aware of your own emotions and learning how to empathetically communicate and collaborate with others is foundational to great relationships.”

—Michele S., Halloran Consulting Group, Inc.


“Be able to work with anyone and everyone you ever come in contact with even if you think your “personalities” don’t match… it might just be your EQ. Lets test it.”

—Brynna S., Foundation for Dreams & Dream Oaks Camp


“This program provides valuable content and information. The virtual seminar is a great way to get feedback from outside individuals to help you enhance your emotional intelligence in your lower dimensions as well as continually improving higher dimensions.”

—Jessica W., Cold Brook Insurance Group


“BlueEQ provided me the tools to help me raise my own bar and equipped me to help those around me achieve their best.”

—Emily M., First Home Bank


“A great eye-opening experience that does a tremendous job of identifying personal strengths/weaknesses while helping to create actionable improvements and implementations in the world of EQ!”

—Dan J., Nomad’s Outdoor Adventure


“I would recommend every business have all of their employees attend one of these courses, it will be benefit any type of business.”

—Victoria P., Florida Financial Advisors


“The 1/2 day seminar was extremely well put together with a balance of learning material, interaction and application ending in an action plan.”

—Tom R., HEXPOL Barberton


“Every human needs support and this session was a breath of re-invigoration to my personal development as a balanced person.”

—Diane S., First Home Bank 


“Even as a proven leader, this course can help you realize a greater potential.”

—John S., E3Centennial


“EQ is more important than IQ.”

—Dan R., White Construction Group


“The online session was empowering, went really fast, and I’m still thinking about it.”

—Gary S., MircoFocus-Government Solutions Supplier


“I will recommend that all of my staff with direct reports consider the course as part of their professional development.”

—Jeff K., Ascentage Pharma Group Corporation, Ltd. 


“BlueEQ has created easy-to-navigate pathways that facilitate personal development, and inspiration to others in the process.”

—Peregrin J., P2S, Inc. 


“A wonderful program that develops skills to create a psychologically safe work environment by creating a psychologically safe learning environment.”

—Paisley R., Touro University California


“I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and how to have better relationships throughout their life to participate.”

—Bethany F., Applied Process Cooling Corporation


“A very clear and useful tool that will help everyone in the organization become a better person and colleague.”

—Greg C., B.C. Transit



“I think everyone in any leadership position should take this course. It will bring out areas for growth and to become better leaders. It really defines what kind of atmosphere we should have for good meetings and discussions, one that fosters growth not fear.”

Jeff W., Space Dynamics Lab


“Self-reflection is a challenging task and real self-improvement seems like an unattainable goal. BlueEQ however made both seem easy and achievable with their simplistic, yet holistic approach to the issue of Emotional Intelligence. The list of development tips and techniques has allowed me to create a plan that is manageable and focused on results.”

Jennifer B., Space Dynamics Lab


“This combination of a self-assessment and workshop enabled our organization to break through barriers at an amazing speed and identified areas of strength and weakness. The concepts were powerful and drove home the importance of a balanced look detailing what actually achieves productivity via emotional intelligence, psychological safety with the focus on career and impact to our mission. This was an excellent course with amazing instruction that retails more through ninety days’ worth of follow-up with peer mentors.”
Eric A., Utah National Guard




“Insight into an individual purpose and how to apply that to your organization needs.”

Craig A., Wayne Farms


“BlueEQ taught me a lot about why I do what I do.”

Kristin H., Wayne Farms


“I think that this program is a great program for people to understand themselves and their peers, I would recommend this program to anyone red or blue zone.”

Andrea W., Earl’s Organic Produce


“Blue EQ is a fun, interactive workshop that not only enables you to assess your own emotional intelligence; it helps you to identify and plan a strategy to increase your emotional intelligence, while explaining the benefits of doing so.”

Teri M., Sanderson Farms




“I’m telling everyone to do it. Overall, I found it really enlightening and loved the energy of the group workshop. I made great connections with myself and others.”

Valerie J., Box Studios


“Highly recommend to any leader or aspiring leader in a company.”

Chris D., Studio Meng Strazzara





“Have recommended more people at our company do this training, so that speaks for itself!”

Linda R., Pay Net


“This workshop is applicable in my professional and private life. It was an eye-opening experience that helps me communicate better with my co-workers, peers, friends, and family members. I would highly recommend this workshop/brand to friends, co-workers, and other companies.”

Florian H., Green Dot Corporation


“Very insightful and value-added content regarding learning and developing stronger leadership skills in and out of the workplace.”

Noelle W., Oregon Community Credit Union


“Amazing class on organizational behavior. The 8 hours spent in the class room will pay dividends of success for years to come.”

Michael C., Tab Bank




“I heartily endorse the BlueEQ assessment and workshop without reservation. I have taken other EQ assessments and BlueEQ is by far the best. It is easy to understand and take action on.”

Peter R., P17 Group LLC


“Great program to get the team understand EQ better & to assist on their journey to raising EQ.”

Lorraine M., AdvantEXPS


“I was concerned that BlueEQ might be just another touchy-feely, insincere management course, but nothing could be further from the truth. The internally- and externally-focused insights I learned were both enlightening and practical. Our instructor was prepared, focused, and engaging, and the exercises were useful and on-topic. It provided me with tools and techniques that I will continue to use to better both myself and my management/people skills.”

Tim H., El Sevier 


“Great add on the coaching and training plan for any organization.”

Jim C., CC Pace


“BlueEQ provides a good foundation of EI/EQ and instills in you a desire to improve your own emotional intelligence and share this knowledge with individuals within your circles.”

Dan P., PTP Inc.


“It is critical for every business to incorporate the training Blue EQ provides for every department they manage. This is necessary for employees at every level, to help with healthy communication and processes.”

Leah M., Allied PRA




“The knowledge and tools learned through BlueEQ encouraged personal growth that will benefit my personal life as well as my professional life. I also believe the skills I gained will help me to support my children, my family and my colleagues in being happier and more successful in their relationships as well.”

Kim C., CSU Fullerton


“I would encourage any company to send managers to attend this all-day conference. Making sure that your company consists of “Blue” leadership will simply make your company better in every way.”

Butch K., Harker


“BlueEQ is great for individuals and teams interested in growing from the benefits of emotionally intelligent leaders!”

Carol A., University of Alabama


“Emotional Intelligence is a necessity to be an effective leader.”

Christopher O., Sam Houston State University


“BlueEQ is making a positive difference in my personal and work life, and that of my co-workers that attended with me. We were excited to share what we learned at our company’s weekly meeting and I think it would be beneficial to have a BlueEQ workshop at our next retreat.”

Ann E., Peregrine Academics


“Valuable information presented in a clear to understand format. Application to real world, current workplace situations throughout the program.”

PJ B. Peregrine Academics




“BlueEQ makes you re-evaluate your relationship with yourself and how you affect others in both your personal and professional life. It creates building blocks for better communication and performance.”

Christine S., Team KSE


“It is a great look at who you are if you want to be better for others.”

Dave J., Kroenke Sports & Entertainment




“It’s a great way to discover your strengths and weaknesses.”

Lien G., Children’s Hospital of Orange County


“I think this program would be great for emerging leaders to understand themselves better and their impact on others. I would have loved to have this training years ago.”

Lolla M., PVHMC


“Taking time to invest in your own EQ is how you can make effective and sustainable change in every aspect of your professional career and personal life.”

Jennifer V., Turning Point Community Programs


“A thorough and complete presentation of the foundational connection between EQ and personal growth, leadership capabilities, corporate culture and customer service”

Randy H., Peak Vista


“Great program that can be applied in all sorts of different scenarios whether is general life or work. Strongly recommend it.”

Carlos I., Fibrogen


“With BlueEQ I felt engaged from start to finish. The information, instruments, and tools were fresh and a surprising approach to a complex topic. I loved that I walked away with a solid, realistic, and meaningful action plan for me, as well as ideas of what I can do to encourage growth in my colleagues. I would highly recommend this workshop to friends and colleagues alike.”

Amber M., RealSelf




“Great workshop that helped me understand who I am better and to set realistic goals to improve in all areas and gave me the tools to follow up on them.”

David H., Olive Crest


“Great for providing the right tools to help with improving your emotional intelligence at work and home.”

David S., Give as You Get


“Excellent training. Educated on emotional intelligence, self-evaluation, and plans for improvement.”

Jay C., Phoenix Rescue Mission


“I would strongly recommend BlueEQ to help facilitate organizational awareness, implications and implementation for positive change.”

Brian A., Denver Zoological Foundation




“Things have been going so well after we all did the BlueEQ session with you last time. We’ve been holding monthly accountability meetings and going through our individual reports, repeating the i4P process of selecting a few attributes and setting goals to improve each one. The team has never been stronger.… I can’t even begin to describe how much better the atmosphere is in the workplace. We went from an unsafe work zone to completely safe and accepting of all our thoughts, feelings and ideas. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us to help us get to where we are.”

Chad T., Mass Mutual


“I highly endorse the program, and I’m working to bring it to my team at work.”

Maddy P., Americo


“I would recommend this course to any business professional who is looking to make improvements in their business and personal life. Blue EQ’s Mastery Track (full day session) provides all of the needed guidance and materials to begin (or continue) your journey towards increasing your EQ.”

Michelle Z., Michigan Insurance


“This course teaches you how to look at yourself and your actions and reactions towards others.”

Brenda A., Seacoast Brokers LLC


“I spoke with the facilitator and asked for further contact to bring this to a group within my organization.”

Karen H., Seacoast Brokers LLC




“I’ve done a lot of culture, personality, tests, frameworks…I probably have done the top 20. This is the first time I’ve seen a framework that covers all levels of behavior individual, team and organizational, and provides sustainable long lasting tools.”

Vivian O., Land O’Frost


“Your current assessment is not a forever diagnosis…you can learn new tips and tricks to be better at various skills and dimensions. Work the Program!”

Lou P., Robert Reiser & Co.


“My experience with BlueEQ was exemplary from beginning to end. I initially received an email and the minute I expressed interest I received a call and I was able to enroll over the phone. Kelly was a great facilitator and kept the whole group engaged the whole time. Awesome content – 10/10 recommend!”

Allyson D., C. H. Robinson


“BlueEQ is a great way to begin your journey in improving your personal emotional awareness and behaviors to help improve your communication and relationships with your colleagues and personal life.”

Eric H., Caster Connection


“it is a one day workshop — just enough time to learn a lot! But not annoyingly dragged out.”

Jane S., Safety Kleen


“BlueEQ helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and gave me a clear path to improving my emotional intelligence.”

Steve D., Malouf Sleep


“This course was very insightful, and it was very positive. I really appreciated that we could look at both our strength and our flaws without feeling shame or embarrassment. We created an action plan that felt doable. I really feel like I can make improvements right away. Thanks for the enlightenment.”

Erica M., Malouf Sleep


“I’m always skeptical of these programs, but the BlueEQ program is well presented and relevant.”

Stuart B, Aquisense Technologies


“…It will help leaders look deeper into how their reactions or lack of certain things effect the team.”

Robbie T., Southern Case Arts


“BlueEQ connects the skills of emotional intelligence to measurable business outcomes in a way I haven’t seen from any other tool. The workshop is fun, well-designed, and impactful. I’d recommend it for any company dedicated to developing a more interpersonally-effective leadership team.”

Jackie S., Axis Communications



Kevin J., Mid-State RV




“A BlueEQ™ training workshop should be a mandatory workshop for all employees”

Jennifer C., Harsch


“As a leader, I need information I can take action on. BlueEQ gave me tools I was able to implement in my organization the very next day. You can’t ask for much more than that!”

Eric B., Sibcy Cline Realtors


“It is an effective training tool.”

Anna S., Eden Housing


“This is a great way to help a team or group get clear communication skills and offering feedback. Probably the most productive day I’ve spent in a training all year.”

Lori S., Vanguard Properties




“BlueEQ not only sets a firm foundation of learning how to make your emotions work for you versus against you, but it also brings proven business impact to your bottom line. As we prepare to implement this program in our organization, I anticipate that it will result in an improved psychological safety culture, in so doing, empowering our employees to unlock their creativity. The potential from there is extremely exciting to think about. We’re confident that BlueEQ will be a key tool in differentiating us within our industry by investing in our most valuable asset… our people!”

Cameron P., Hawthorne Cat


“It’s not what you think — it’s more, than you can imagine!”

Navolia B., Premier Trailer Competitive




“I highly recommend BlueEQ for all team members. It is a great tool for all, not just leaders.”

Lori B., Merchant E-Solutions


“If you are building a team or having an existing team that you want to grow, you need to take the BlueEQ Workshop. The immediate impact is visible and in the long term, the rest of the organization will be wanting to know what Kool-Aid your team has been drinking.”

Chad B., Wave Broadband


“BlueEQ is an excellent seminar for a new team or an existing team that you want to work better together. The process of learning about EQ and how to increase our social awareness is invaluable in the workplace.”

Bill R., Mount Airey Group


“The concepts that we learned while at the BlueEQ training will be game changers for our executive team.”

Ciera C., The20


“Material is laid out very well. Class moved along and was never dull. Information was incredibly enlightening and very practical. Mike was a phenomenal teacher and very responsive and flexed to the people that attended.”

Jonathan B., The20


“BlueEQ gives the participant insight and increased self-awareness regarding their own inter-personal communication and relationship dynamics — actionable information that can serve as the springboard for improved performance and growth.”

Larry B., Vistex


“The assessment that I did through BlueEQ was eye-opening and made me realize that there was a lot of personal growth that I didn’t focus on before. Part of the plan was to build a 90-day follow-up plan and although my plan turned out to be a 120 day plan the progress I made was something I didn’t expect. I could ‘read’ situations better and quicker and could apply the lessons learned. It helped me to ‘step up my game’ and complex situations were easier to understand and therefore easier to resolve. The knowledge and training now helps me with a bigger role that I started in 2017. In large complex change and transformation projects EQ makes a difference and will help get teams on board to execute.”

Stefan T., Insight


“Of the trainings I’ve done for personal development or emotional intelligence understanding, BlueEQ had more actionable recommendations for improving myself and my work.”

J.R., Team Coact




“If we used BlueEQ company-wide, we would dominate the industry.”


“A deep appreciation on how my emotions and attitude has an impact on myself and others and how I need to understand and manage myself.”


“The assessment was insightful and accurate with regards to areas I can work on. I am looking forward to the continued work on my goals and the follow-up meetings and training.”


“I truly appreciate that I was invited to attend this training and that I was able to learn about what I need to do to improve myself and how I must/need to establish and maintain a psychologically safe environment for those I have been entrusted to lead.  I need to trust and mentor more and continue to have a positive outlook on life.”


“I will be more cognizant of how my words and body language impacts those I come in contact with, especially my juniors.  I will work with peers to hold mentoring sessions and work to receive feedback from those I lead.  I am conducting training with my primary leaders to help ensure we all are working to establish a psychologically safe environment where everyone and their ideas are valued.”


“EQ is very important to success for any team. I would highly recommend the training.”


“This course broadened my knowledge of myself and has set me up to be a better person, co-worker, and leader.”


“Great program. I feel like it has the potential to change cultures in departments and companies.”


“A valuable set of topics that encourage deep, critical thinking and are relate-able both at work and at home.”


“It’s an area of organizational theory that companies large and small can’t afford not to do.”


“Blue EQ provided an insightful and meaningful training on Emotional Intelligence that could make a significant and positive impact on any organization. The research, resources and follow plan provide a structure for great change to happen.”


“I came in really grumbling about the time I was going to lose. When I left, I felt it was well worth the time investment to be there.”


“Great opportunity to strengthen teams and get to know your colleagues better on a whole new level.”


“This class has given me confidence and has improved the way I look at challenges and leadership. I am finding new ways to improve how to effectively lead and work with others, as well as personal attitude.”


“Very much worth the time/financial investment.”


“Excellent system for understanding how important emotional intelligence is. Everything from providing a safe environment to reading and understanding nonverbal clues.”


“The BlueEQ training opened my eyes to behaviors, both mine and others, that are affecting the effectiveness of my teams and the environment in which we work and gave me motivation and tools to improve.”


“It’s an area of organizational theory that companies large and small can’t afford not to do.”


“It was refreshing to see the sustained engagement throughout the day. I’m sure that’s a tremendous reflection on the facilitator, the design of the activities, the flow of the day, and the composition of our participant group.”


“This has changed my attitude and motivation toward my role as a supervisor and ability to work as a team. Immediately I have been able to start implementing behaviors that are noticed at home as well as at work.”


“I like that the assessment was personalized to my strengths and weaknesses. It was great to walk out of the session with an action plan for EQ development.”


“This tool can really help leaders see things clearly and objectively.”


“Enjoyable way to learn about myself and how I can improve my management style.”


“I enjoyed taking the test and learning where my strengths and weaknesses are.”


“Worth every penny!”


“BlueEQ does a great job explaining Emotional Intelligence which is helpful in being aware. Awareness is half the battle since you can’t fix what you don’t know.”


“I thought it was great. Learned a lot of useful information to use going forward into my career.”


“The day went fast, I liked the interaction with the learning map.”


“It was great to be able to fully immerse myself in a topic for a day. The facilitator did a great job and I really enjoyed my experience. I would heartily recommend this BlueEQ.”


“Good workshop, not groundbreaking or all new content, but a good reminder of the emotional intelligence required to successfully manage people in today’s environment.”


“I walked away with new skills and techniques for dealing with all types of people and tackling tough situations.”


“It is helpful in identifying personal areas of strength and weakness as it pertains to emotional intelligence.”


“Very informative; explains why we experience disconnect.”


“My BlueEQ training was very valuable. The next step is mine. I need to take what I have learned and put it into practice. The good news is that the training and group discussions have prepared me to do this.”


“I found the program to be a beneficial tool for a leader to improve business impact through understanding and improving business behavior.”


“Change starts with you. If we can change ourselves, we can then help others change too.”


“BlueEQ prepares attendees to understand an esoteric topic and create a practical way to apply it to everyday living.”


“Both educational and skill-building. A workshop that prepares the attendee for real positive change.”


“Recommend to others”


“This is an experience that is different than others. This program works for any type of business.”


“Every company needs this training!”


“This was a good introductory workshop to the concepts of EQ and ways one can begin developing or improving their EQ. I can see how it could be helpful in my organization, especially with emerging leaders.”


“I always thought of EQ as having to do with my ability to ‘read’ other people; where they are/where they’re coming from. Instead, I found it really fascinating to learn how much of EQ is about SELF perception and understanding. It was good to reflect on how we can affect the situations we are in by not only looking for clues from others, but also by knowing ourselves.”


“I would definitely recommend BlueEQ to family and friends but am not authorized to endorse BlueEQ on behalf of the company.”


“Potentially valuable program for individuals – much more so if used in groups and/or across an organization.”


“Highly recommend it. I feel like everyone can improve on their EQ and seeing different takes on it is invaluable to help you become more aware of who you are, and your strengths and weaknesses.”


“Good for folks who are new to EI/EQ and want a one-day workshop for personal growth.”


“It is a great program to improve the workplace and address aspects that are often ignored as a determining factor for businesses.”


“BlueEQ can get a group together and really make a difference in how they act and work in their daily settings.”




“A workshop that gives you tremendous insights into how you interact in business and in your personal life AND a plan to use the EQ tools to improve.”


“A one-day event packed full of insights about your own emotional intelligence strengths and opportunities and application of tools to help you improve your EQ.”


“Great way to build self-awareness.”


“The main endorsement would be for the assessment material and the tie in to psychological safety.”


“Fully endorsed. Should be required for management everywhere.”


“I would recommend Kelly as your facilitator. He is a great speaker, stays on track and has really good (relate-able) stories to share!”


“Regardless of your industry, position or where you are in your career, this will help you.”


“Personally eye opening.”

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