Psychological Safety in the Workplace

How PS16™ Works

Measure Your Team's Psychological Safety with the PS16™

The PS16™ Organizational Assessment consists of 16 items that employees answer. Similar to a 360-style Assessment, it’s important that enough members of a department or organization participate in order to obtain accurate snapshot of psychological safety levels in their work zone.

The PS16™ Organizational Assessment is the most-used instrument to assess the Psychological Safety in organizational cultures globally.

All items in the PS16 fall into 4 categories: Learner Safety™, Challenger Safety™, Collaborator Safety™, and Inclusion Safety™. The results provide an overview of how well your organization performs in each category and also breaks down each of the 16 items to get a granular view of areas where your organization is strong and where your organization needs improvement.

Your Team's Success Relies on Psychological Safety

An overwhelming body of research has shown that Psychological Safety is the foundation to your organization’s ability to keep your best and brightest talent, innovate and accelerate business performance.

As you seek to create higher levels of inclusion, collaboration, candor and engagement, you will find that Psychological Safety is the underpinning factor that lifts these components to their highest levels.

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What is Psychological Safety?

Psychological Safety is a shared belief that it’s safe to discuss ideas, experiment, take risks, give feedback and learn from mistakes.

It’s a work environment and management style that allows people to engage and thrive.

Psychological Safety is the number one driver of team engagement and performance.


The Four Quadrants of Psychological Safety™

Learner Safety: Does your team feel safe to experiment and learn from mistakes?

Collaborator Safety: Does your team foster constructive debate and encourage unrestrained engagement?

Challenger Safety: Does your team feel safe to challenge how things are done, express ideas and expose problems?

Inclusion Safety: Does everyone on your team feel included, valued and treated fairly no matter who they are?

Building Psychological Safety is not a linear process. Let’s work together to measure and grow Psychological Safety in your organization by prioritizing the Quadrant(s) that will make the biggest difference for you and your team right now.

Psychological Safety is more important than ever

Employee Wellness and Productivity

The effects of the pandemic have had an unprecedented impact on your people’s ability to focus, collaborate and engage. According to a recent study, stress, anxiety and social isolation have had an extreme impact on employee wellness and productivity.

  • 44.4% of those working from home say their mental health has declined
  • 66.9% of all workers have reported higher stress levels since the outbreak
  • 53.8% report being more emotionally exhausted
  • 32.5% report being less productive
                    • SAP-Mindshare-Qualtrics Study

Psychological Safety is the defining factor of driving mental health, reducing stress and ensuring that employees can engage no matter what your current work setting is.

Psychological Safety is Propelled by a Leader's Emotional Intelligence

There is an intimate and reciprocal relationship between the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of leaders and individual contributors on a team and the level of Psychological Safety in that team’s environment.

As you and your people improve your Emotional Intelligence skills of Self Regard, Self Awareness, Self Control, Social Perception and Social Effectiveness, the Psychological Safety in your workplace will increase and allow everyone to take the interpersonal risks necessary to work together on your next breakthrough.

It works both ways. As your team’s culture thrives with higher levels of Psychological Safety, new members that join the team will internalize this modelled behavior and their Emotional Intelligence will increase.

When you create a critical mass of high EQ across members of your team, and when Psychological Safety is achieved, the business impacts of an improved brand, retention of your best people, physical safety, market share, and profit growth (to name just a few) are amplified.


BlueEQ™ is the Global Leader in Psychological Safety Solutions

Let’s work together to measure and create Psychological Safety in your organization through our PS16™ Assessment and Training Solutions.

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