Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety for Students

EQ is the delivery system for your students' IQ

Emotional Intelligence has been identified as an important driver to academic and professional success. It’s vital that our future workforce is given the opportunity early on to gain self-awareness and self-control while honing their skills in mindfulness and resilience.

Often the person who climbs the success ladder quickest is not the straight A
student but rather the student who has mastered emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, influence, conflict management and accountability. BlueEQ’s validated and reliable Emotional Intelligence assessment and educational methodologies are helping thousands of students, staff and faculty adapt a lifestyle of emotional intelligence and psychological safety. We are confident we can help you.

We are now offering Academic Discounts for Fall 2021.

"The knowledge and tools learned through BlueEQ encouraged personal growth that will benefit my personal life as well as my professional life. I also believe the skills I gained will help me to support my children, my family and my colleagues in being happier and more successful in their relationships as well."
-- CSU Fullerton Student
"BlueEQ is great for individuals and teams interested in growing from the benefits of emotionally intelligent leaders!"
-- University of Alabama Faculty Member
"The BlueEQ i4P Process is a comprehensive, useful & highly relatable strategy for improving emotional intelligence as well as increasing psychological safety"
-- Nichols College Student
"After taking this course, I feel self-aware...enlightened...reassured...Ready. If you think you know yourself, take this course and be surprised to learn even more but more importantly get a better understanding of how others see you as a leader."
-- Seminole County Public School Faculty Member
"Valuable information presented in a clear to understand format. Application to real world, current workplace situations throughout program."
-- Peregrine Academics Student

BlueEQ™ Academic Track Course Objectives

  • Strengthen Students’ Resilience
  • Teach students how to identify the
    sources of stress and how to reduce it.
  • Boost motivation and efficient
  • Develop self-awareness and self-accountability
  • Strengthen impulse control
  • Build collaboration and teamworking
    skills and competencies
  • Launch your students onto a path of
    superior academic performance and
    greater career impact

The BlueEQ Academic Track Course Includes

  • Pre- and Post- Course BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence
  • Personalized Participant Study Guide Unlimited Access
    to 7 Virtual Asynchronous Training Sessions
  • BlueEQ i4P™ Process: Guided and Customized
    Behavioral Change Plan for Students
  • 1 Year Unlimited Access to the BlueEQ™ Academy –
    Professionally Curated Online Library with Hundreds of
    Articles and Videos Specific to Increasing Emotional
    Intelligence Skills

We Are Backed By The Latest Research

Google’s Project Aristotle recently confirmed our research on psychological safety. After 2 years of researching every aspect of nearly 200 teams, they found that by far, psychological safety was the best indicator of the team’s success. Psychological safety is an environment and a management style that allows people to engage and thrive. It is a place where it is okay to take interpersonal risks required to make the next breakthrough.

Psychological Safety is created by the high emotional intelligence, or EQ, of each member of the team. EQ is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. As your EQ increases your capacity to create Psychological Safety increases. Psychological Safety + a high EQ drives innovation, creativity, engagement, and talent retention and is rapidly becoming a top competitive advantage for graduates across every industry.

Your student's EQ doesn't have to be a guessing game

The BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence Assessment offers the power of self-awareness and the first step to psychological safety.

The BlueEQ™ Emotional Intelligence Assessment is included in this solution. It’s is a robust emotional intelligence test consisting of 150 questions that assesses both strengths and weaknesses in 5 EQ Skills and 25 specific EQ dimensions. This reliable tool is the base line of where we begin to help students understand, grow and develop their EQ and in turn their psychological safety. We offer this tool before the course to create a pre-training baseline and after the course as a post-training evaluative assessment.


Be a Part of BlueEQ's Academic Track

Build and sustain emotional intelligence and psychological safety with our comprehensive Academic Track course

The BlueEQ i4P™ Process sustains behavioral change by creating a personalized development plan that guides the individual through identifying key EQ skills that will create the greatest impact on their future success. The i4P™ process provides a systematic approach that encourages peer support and daily practice to ensure optimal levels of achievement.

Virtual Training Sessions

The BlueEQ Academic Track can be completed from the comfort of the student’s dorm room!

Through a series of 7 virtual training sessions, our coaches will take students through BluEQ’s highly interactive and engaging program series proven to radically improve their emotional intelligence and foster psychological safety with their peers. They will go on a journey to that expands their self-awareness and social effectiveness. Students will be given the tools to develop habits that will create a sustainable behavioral change they will be able to take forward through their lives following graduation.

Change Timeline

Our i4P™ Behavioral Change Process systematizes the planning, prioritizing, and muscle-memory execution that is required for individuals to change behavior. It enforces repetitive processes for lasting change and ongoing workplace impact.


BlueEQ™ is the Global Leader in Student Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety Solutions

Let’s work together to measure EQ and create Psychological Safety with your students through our Academic Track Assessment and Educational Course Series.

Let us know the best phone number and email to contact with you and one of our Higher Education Consultants will connect with you to discover the best way to measure and improve Psychological Safety and EQ on your campus.


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