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About Kirsten Blakemore

Kirsten Blakemore, Author of the new book Unleash Your Power, is a global thought leader in culture, inclusion, leadership, and equity. Kirsten has consulted and coached executives from many of the most respected Fortune 500 companies. Fun fact, she held the title of Miss Maine and finished in the top 15 of the Miss USA pageant.

Kirsten earned an advanced degree in Psychology from Pepperdine, and soon the titles of consultant, coach, mentor, senior executive and of course mother, caregiver, and even cancer survivor followed.

Along the way Kirsten published content on topics such as company culture, failure, leadership, diversity and inclusion, and women in business. These publications can be found on Forbes, Inc and LinkedIn. She authored a chapter in the bestselling book, Women Leaders with Inspiring Stories.

Kirsten holds many coaching credentials such as CPCC from The Coaches Training Institute, Forbes Coach member, ICF accredited PCC and is a certified Health Coach.

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