Train-the-Trainer (T3) Program

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Help your employees stay engaged through emotional intelligence training. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to increase your organization’s emotional intelligence is to become a certified facilitator of the BlueEQTM Mastery Program. The T3 event is a two-day program that will empower leaders in your organization to deliver the BlueEQTM Mastery Workshop directly to your employees. You will become a member of the Global BlueEQTM Certified Facilitator Network.

To become a certified facilitator is simple:

  1. Attend the one-day BlueEQTM Mastery Workshop
  2. Attend the one-day BlueEQTM T3 Event.

The T3 certification event includes:

  • Learn the BlueEQTM Emotional Intelligence Methodology
  • Become Proficient in Teaching Psychological Safety
  • Master the i4PTM Planning Process
  • Practice Facilitation and Delivery Skills
  • Get Connected to the Global BlueEQTM Facilitator Network
  • Leave Certified to Deliver the BlueEQTM Mastery Course

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